Lyft Zombie Ridesharing Campaign

Lyft Zombie Ridesharing Campaign

campaign, Creative, Interactive, app, UI

Role: Freelance Art Director|Designer

Creative Director: Ricardo Viramontes


Ride-hailing app Lyft is looking to spread the Halloween fear with a marketing drive enabling users to summon the undead via mobile.In partnership with Skybound, the company behind The Walking Dead comics, Lyft is distributing ghoulish zombie impersonators in New York and San Francisco on Friday. Running between 10am and 8pm in each city, the scheme sees an “experiencedLyft zombie handler” bring the zombie to the location of the users via a newly added ‘Zombie Mode’ feature in app.Lyft will run the initiative with an understandably limited number of ‘walkers’ – meaning many users might face disappointment due to high demand.A Lyft statement read: “Your handler will unchain the zombie, who will be free to attack, pose for selfies, or drool all over your office carpet.”Scare friends, scare enemies … scare coworkers, scare managers.”Selfies and footage of the zombie invasions will be uploaded to social media via the #LyftZombieMode hashtag.

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