Cisco iOT — Intelligent Beyond

"Intelligent Beyond" Cisco iOT

Creative, Event Campaign, Advertising

Intelligent Beyound

Cisco Live IoT Event Campaign

Client: Cisco

 Agency: John McNeil Studio

Brief: Use Cisco marquee event, Cisco Live, to launch a new narrative for IoT—expressing its core value and positioning Cisco for future growth.

Idea: Intelligence beyond.

Intelligence is no longer centralized. It needs to live everywhere in your business. From the network to cloud to the very edge. You need real intelligence that delivers deep understanding of what’s happening on the front lines of your business—while giving you the ability to react in real time. Cisco IoT solutions extend the power and capabilities of intent-based networks to sense, analyze, automate, and assure activities everywhere your business wants to be. Everything from devices able to withstand harsh environments to switches built to process the massive volumes of intelligence created every second. Today intelligence needs to move beyond. Beyond CRM. Beyond analytics. Beyond customer satisfaction. Beyond limits. Cisco delivers the intelligence to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Role: Sr. Art Director

Event Booth kiosk

Café environment

Round tabels

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