Apparel Graphic Design for UC Berkeley

Apparel Graphic Design for UC Berkeley

Graphic Design

What is this project

In 2014, UC Berkeley asked me to design a graphic for The Cultural Peer Mentors (CPMs) Program.

CPMs’s goal is to represent American culture to the newly incoming international students as they adjust to American cultures.  We hope American students and international students will develop cultural awareness and acquire intercultural competency through frequent cross-cultural interaction.  This is an important skill to develop as the world of work and social networking becomes increasingly more diversified internationally.

What did my client say:

“My supervisor and I hired Miri to design two logos for the Berkeley International Study Program, and we are glad that we did because she was able to handle the projects and make them happen in less than 2 weeks.

Over the projects, she was very communicative. She listened to our input and was able to ensure the final products met our expectation. I wish that I could work with her again in the near future!”

Chris Chang

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